The following are getting our wheels turning and inspiring our current projects:


Design for Play; Cas Holman

How can we value deep, meaningful play for all people? How do we create conditions for exploration, not fixed answers?

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Equity-Centered Community Design Field Guide; Creative Reactions Lab

How do we commit to centering equity in everything that we do? What is the liability of not doing so?

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17 Great Challenges of the 21st Century; James Martin

How must we rethink the focus of school if we are to create the innovators and leaders positioned to tackle these challenges?

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Changing Education Paradigms; Ken Robinson

How do we deeply understand the origins of education as we know it? In what ways can we honor what’s still relevant? How much we unshackle ourselves from what doesn’t serve us anymore?

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The School of Life

What tools, practices, and experiences can help us be our best selves individually and with each other?

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Sol LeWitt’s advice to sculptor Eva Hesse

What holds us back from creativity? How do we stoke the courage to JUST DO?

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Poetry is Not a Luxury; Audre Lorde

What is undervalued but transformative? Who is permitted to dream and who is not?

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