We are all learners

Gnist fosters personal and community transformation by tapping into the innate spark to explore and to grow. We create tools, experiences, and schools that help people see the world in new ways and rediscover the joy of curiosity and learning.

Guiding beliefs

Our projects take many forms, but each is guided by a set of beliefs:


Learning is everywhere and for everyone.

Our desire to learn is one of the most human, uniting, and exhilarating forces that exists. We tap into that common craving and necessity. We hone our skill at seeing the world from a place of wonder and seeing ourselves and others as a constant works in progress.

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We start with curiosity and a good question.

In a world of strongly held opinions, we lean on the power and humility of a good question. We identify questions that light us up and matter to the world. We suspend our existing understandings and stay open to being surprised, to changing our minds, to true insight.

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Collaboration across ages creates possibility.

We have created an education system that bundles people by ages and reinforces silos and stereotypes. We seek opportunities to dissolve those barriers, to have adults and young people learning side by side, bringing the unique talents, mindsets, and experiences to the table.

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We reimagine learning to change the world.

Committing to inquiry and intergenerational collaboration does not just make for richer learning, but the beginnings of a better world. It forges stronger bonds across a community, nurtures openness to new perspectives, and lays the foundation for impactful innovation.

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